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THE RxDirectPlus

The RxDirectPlus program was designed with you in mind,
to help save you time and money.

Now that you have your prescription for DEPLIN®, METANX®, or CerefolinNAC®, learn about the RxDirectPlus Powered by Brand Direct HealthTM program. We've collaborated with our trusted pharmacy partner, Brand Direct Health® so you can enjoy guaranteed savings every time you fill your prescription.

RxDirectPlus makes it easy.

To begin saving on your prescription, call 844-561-6925

All you need is a prescription from your doctorNo eligibility
No insurance required

Pay no more than $58/month*which may be significantly less than you will pay at your local pharmacy

Convenient 90-day prescriptiondelivered right
to your door

The RxDirectPlus program was designed to bring you savings and answers, too.

You may have experienced recent changes to your prescription coverage that may have increased your cost at your local pharmacy. If so, there is a program that can help you.

Brand Direct Health® pharmacy will work with you to determine if your insurance company will cover your prescription to help lower your monthly cost. If your insurance company does not cover the cost of your prescription, Brand Direct Health® pharmacy guarantees you will pay no more than $58/month*. This may be significantly less than you will pay at your local pharmacy.

It's important for you to get the brand you're prescribed at an affordable price, regardless of coverage.

Start saving with RxDirectPlus, call 844-561-6925 today.

RxDirectPlus Program Eligibility

Everyone who fills their prescription for DEPLIN®, METANX®, or CerefolinNAC® with Brand Direct Health® pharmacy is automatically eligible to participate in the RxDirectPlus program. Regardless of insurance coverage, everyone is guaranteed to pay no more than $58/month* for their prescription and enjoy the benefits of the RxDirectPlus program at no additional cost (plus a one-time shipping fee for each 90-day supply). Brand Direct Health® pharmacy can help determine the lowest cost available, whether through your own insurance benefits or the guaranteed price of $58/month*.

If your doctor already sent your prescription to Brand Direct Health® pharmacy, call 844-561-6925 to complete your order.

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